About Us

SignupAnytime.com is a division of NovoLogic, Inc., a web development, web marketing, and e-learning company based in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

We've been doing online registration since 2003, when our Online League Manager product first hit the market. The current site is our second major version, with expanded functionality, enhanced ease of use, and increased scalability.

Signup Anytime charges zero setup fees and can be set up to work off your league's existing website in minutes. Registration forms can be customized by you with no programming knowledge required. Simply fill out some forms on the web to create your own event or sport-specific registration form.

The customizable online registration process takes care of your specific program and activity needs. All online registrations are handled and tracked within the system, so there's no need for separate books or management systems. Communications are painlessly handled with broadcast or targeted emails. Easy access reporting tools provide powerful insights into your organization's members and participants. Participants can be solicited for donations and/or volunteering as an integrated part of the online registration process.

All of this means you have happier registrants, reduced administrative time, a more efficient and organized process, and a clearer picture of who has been registered for what at anytime from anywhere on the planet...

You only pay a small transaction fee for each registration that is taken on-line, which is much less than what a typical organization spends to process a walk-up or mailed in registration. You do not have to pay for participants that are entered manually. We only get paid when we make your life easier. No other company makes this offer!

Your Members Want it! You Need It! Let our system start working for you today.