"We have increased the convenience factor for our parents by allowing registration to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the ability to register from anywhere they are via the website. We are also extremely pleased with the support that NovoLogic has provided as well as their flexibility to make changes in order to enhance the process."

~Andy Bailey /SVP
 Duluth Youth Baseball & Softball Association

"NovoLogic's Signup Anytime Online Registration platform has given Jefferson Recreation all of the necessary flexibility in order to custom build our system to our exact needs for every season."

~Colten Green /Director 
 Jefferson City Parks and Recreation

"Very easy and intuitive to use. The ability to easily research current and past registrations is invaluable. Having the ability to create promotion discounts has directly contributed to the "increase" in our registration totals. The support team is outstanding. It is comforting to know that my on-line registration and league management provider is located in my hometown."

~Jeff Eckard /President
 DYAA Basketball

"The site worked as advertised and I'm very pleased with the results. It was a huge improvement over our manual process. Thanks so much for your time and patience getting me started."

~Bob Dannenbaum /President
 Atlanta Area Roller Hockey